Sandra De Silva Porter, Ph.D.
Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychologist

Nature Immersion Therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Mindfulness Based Therapy
Insight Oriented Psychotherapy

 Santa Monica, Calabasas & Topanga Canyon Locations 


              B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

Stanford University, Pacific Graduate School 
of Psychology (affiliated w/ Stanford)

      Meditation and Mindfulness Practitioner for over 20 years
Former Director at UCLA CAPPS 
Specializing in Youth at Risk for Thought Disorders 

Former Collegiate and Professional Athlete
 (Division I Stanford Women's Tennis)

            Hello and welcome to my practice. You have likely landed on my page given a quest for change in your life. Perhaps there are areas of dissatisfaction or suffering you are hoping to shift or greater meaning and joy in life you are seeking. You may have a desire for spiritual growth alongside the healing of emotional wounds. My role in our work together would be to support you in reaching your life goals, help you know your true self and live your most joyous and authentic life. My approach is warm, active, solution- focused and goal- directed. I not only provide support and a listening ear, but also strategies and recommendations that create a clear path to desired change.


            In my practice, I offer a variety of healing modalities including cognitive- behavioral therapy, mindfulness based therapy, nature immersion therapy and insight oriented therapy. Based on your needs and interests, we create the optimal path for your desired change. When distress and symptoms are present and immediate relief is needed, cognitive behavioral therapy is often used to alleviate styles of thinking and acting that are causing and exacerbating suffering. So often, irrational negative thoughts become our inner reality and cause unwanted emotional reactivity. Once symptom relief is maintained, mindfulness based therapy and meditation practices can help us gain direct access to the joys in our everyday life. We often find ourselves distanced from the present moment, habituated to a style of reliving the past or planning for the future and rushing to the next task. Mindfulness and meditation practices can help us regain an immersion in the present moment and the joys that are always here for us. Insight oriented methods are also utilized to gain awareness of long standing patterns that have repeated in different chapters of our lives that need healing and release. 


A unique service I also offer is nature immersion therapy. Sessions are held in nature to allow for a deeper connection and healing to be gained with the natural world.  Nature is a portal to perspective, presence, connection, joy and a world outside of our mental worries. Click here or on the Nature Immersion Therapy tab for more information.