Nature Immersion Therapy

Nature Immersion Therapy encourages the healing forces of nature to elevate us out of cycles of suffering and into freedom and joy. In nature immersion sessions, Dr. De Silva helps people reconnect with nature- both the nature all around us and the nature within us.  She takes her clients out into the refuge of nature for sessions (in the mountains or at the beach) and facilitates healing and union with the natural world. Clients are typically also engaged in more traditional forms of psychotherapy with Dr. De Silva, and the nature sessions allow for the deeper connection gained with nature to further heal emotional wounds and symptoms and allow for greater access to joy and wisdom. 

So many psychological and emotional struggles are exacerbated by being held captive by our minds and the man- made world. When we are constantly consumed by our mental world, we find it hard to pull ourselves away and gain perspective and inner peace.  In today's modern world, we have lost a balanced relationship with our mind which interferes with guidance from other sources of knowledge and life. We must learn to step outside of our minds and enter into the joys that are just outside our door. Its much easier to stay stuck in our minds and our troubles indoors. It can come naturally and with ease to leave our mental preoccupations and connect with the beauty and expansiveness around us when we are outside in nature. Nature is a portal for feeling joy, presence, and experiencing the bigger picture. We also have forgotten our own identity as part of nature, as natural beings, and this separation from the natural world exacerbates our troubles and concerns.