Therapy with Children and Teens

I also have a supportive and active approach in my work with children and teens.  My expertise in prevention of symptoms and mental illness in youth has led to my priority in developing key life skills that have been shown to be protective for youth. The more well-equipped youth are to tolerate distress and cope with difficult feelings and experiences, the more emotionally resilient they will be throughout life. A key element of my work with children and teenagers (as appropriate) involves working collaboratively with parent(s).  For real lasting changes outside of the therapy room, I believe it’s critical to have the family involved.  Often one or both parents will join parts of sessions to work on skills together, cope with difficult feelings and symptoms, improve lines of communication and learn how to solve daily problems effectively. Depending on the child's age and needs, I conduct a combination of play and talk therapy to make progress towards goals set with parents. These goals might be centered around decreasing problematic behavior in home or school settings, improving unhealthy mood patterns or adjusting to changes in family composition. Childhood is an ideal time to make changes so that unhealthy ways of behaving and relating are improved before they become ingrained.