Family and Couples Therapy

Family therapy is a special area of interest and expertise of mine.  At the UCLA Center for the Assessment and Prevention of Prodromal States, I helped write the manual on Family Focused Therapy that is being used at prodromal sites around the nation.  Family therapy has been shown to decrease unwanted symptoms for the specific child, teenager or young adult as well as improve the overall family environment.  My family work often involves educating family members on symptoms experienced by the young person, the role of stress and other risk factors on symptoms, how to best protect vulnerable youth, and determining how the school and other settings can help. I also focus on communication skills and problem solving techniques to provide families with tools to improve their daily functioning and happiness.  


In couples work, many of the same communication and problem solving skills can foster dramatic shifts towards a more loving, playful and supportive relationship. Other avenues may be explored as needed, such as gaining greater trust and intimacy, lifestyle compatibility issues, parenting differences and overall relationship satisfaction.