Therapy Services


Individual, couples and family therapy for children, adolescents, and adults


I offer individual, couples and family therapy for children, teens and adults. As mentioned on my homepage, the approach I use in therapy is active, goal- directed, and solution focused. We typically start work together by identifying what changes you are hoping for and what goals we can strategically work towards. We will determine a clear plan that will help you move towards your goals.  Often a variety of skills and tools are instrumental in enabling such movement. For instance, one may need to develop a more positive self- image, learn assertive communication skills, manage stress more effectively, or gain clarity on what one wants in life. As movement is made in the right direction, together we learn what is working and how to sustain the positive change.


If you are experiencing unwanted symptoms, such as depression or anxiety, we initially focus on decreasing symptoms to reach a healthy and comfortable emotional state.  Clients typically feel relief within a couple initial sessions. We will utilize treatment interventions that focus on shifting unhealthy thinking patterns and behaviors that often cause or exacerbate unwanted symptoms. Once relief has been gained, we shift to sustaining the change by targeting various life patterns that tend to trigger symptoms. We may create prevention action plans to catch symptoms early when they are easiest to manage and learn to respond quickly and effectively to return to our desired emotional state.

In my practice,  treatment areas often include depression, anxiety, psychosis, life transitions, relationship struggles, family issues, preventative mental health and life skills for youth, professional development, personal growth and sports psychology. 

One of my main therapeutic approached is based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) which research has consistently shown to be effective in treating mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, sleep disorders, substance abuse disorders and eating disorders. Studies have found CBT to be as effective as antidepressants in treatment of depression and likely superior in preventing relapse. I also bring in aspects of mindfulness, spirituality and meditation as relevant and desired by the individual. For some individuals for whom nature is a powerful healing force and a place of comfort, we will conduct sessions while taking walks together on hiking trails in nature or at the beach.

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